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The introduction of Venopak® by Venosan North America is a uniquely innovative approach for the delivery of medical compression stockings used by medical professionals for sclerotherapy, endovenous ablation and ambulatory phlebectomy!

This innovative approach to packaging by Venosan delivers the following ADVANTAGES:

  • Reduced cost for the practice
  • Savings you can pass on to the patient
  • Availability of a single stocking versus selling pairs
  • Approximately 35% space savings for the same quantity of stockings (compared to conventional retail packaging)

Venopak® by Venosan North America is available in 6- or 12-packs, and is made in the USA.

More about Venopak®:

Most medical compression stockings are sold in pairs, and feature expensive packaging designs intended to catch a customer’s eye. While this can be effective at the retail level, it is less than ideal for a busy medical practice. Venopak® delivers an alternative to the traditional method with several advantages.

The concept for Venopak® was simple: Venosan uses the same high-quality, medically correct compression stockings the company is known and trusted for, remove as much of the packaging, materials and labor expense as possible, and deliver them in an easy-to-use system. The resulting cost savings have been welcomed by doctors who dispense stockings in their practice, but more important they enjoy the convenience of ordering and space savings of a single stocking dispenser box designed specifically for busy medical practices.

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