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Varicose veins are both unhealthy and unattractive enlargement of the veins in the leg, especially those just beneath the skin. The vein walls become weak, and can’t maintain their shape and size and bulge out against the skin in unsightly ropes. Even worse, the veins can no longer function properly in pushing blood back up the leg to the heart, which in turn restricts blood flow to the lower leg. The blood pools, resulting in achy, tired legs. This problem is made worse by any condition that increases blood pressure in the legs, such as overweight, pregnancy, or lack of exercise. In severe cases, sclerotherapy or surgery is required to restore normal function.

varicose veins

Graduated compression support hose can help prevent or alleviate varicose veins. By holding the veins in, the stockings can assist in return blood flow, even when the valves in the vein begin losing their ability to push blood back up the leg.

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There are other things you can do. Proper diet and exercise, elevating your legs, and wearing looser clothing can all help reduse the risk of varicose veins. Try not to stay in one position for too long, especially in long flights or seated at a desk. Elevating your feet above your heart several times during the day can also reduce the pressure on the vein walls.



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Comfortable, Stylish, and Healthy: VENOSAN provides excellent quality and value compression stockings for a variety of medical needs

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