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Why Silver?
For thousands of years, silver has been recognized for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Both inert, and non-reactive with human tissue, the ancient Greeks were known to use silver urns during long sea voyages to prevent bacterial growth in their drinking water. In 1884, doctors discovered that a simple wash of silver nitrate in the eyes of newborns dramatically reduced infant blindness. By the beginning of this century, scientists were engaged in a concerted effort that resulted in the recognized effectiveness of silver when added to topical salves and ointments. Silver is currently a major component in topicals used to prevent infection in burn patients.

In addition to its proven and highly effective medical benefits, silver has both antistatic and highly conductive properties. When knit into SilverLine Legwear silver helps to conduct body heat to keep feet cooler in hot weather and eliminate static cling!

What is Silver Ion Therapy?

Silver Ion Therapy, also known as the "Silver Ion Effect", occurs when the X-Static® silver fiber knitted into SilverLine Legwear is warmed by body temperature. The silver fiber then releases charged silver ions that attach to the surface membrane of bacterial organisms. Surface binding and damage to membrane function are critical in inhibiting the growth of bacteria. The reaction of the charged silver ions with the Sulfhydryl groups of bacteria and viruses appear to disrupt protein, RNA and DNA syntheses.

The "Silver Ion Effect" is both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Charged silver ions effectively inhibit:
• Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus
• Staphyloccus aureus
• E. Coli Multi
• Enterococcus faecium
• Vancomiacin resistant
• Enterococcus faecium
• T. Mentagrophytes
• Enterobacter aerogenes
• Klebsiella pneumoniae
• Serratia marcescens
• Citrobacter anitratus
• Pseudomonas aeruginosa
• Providentia stuarti

Proof sources for the "Silver Ion Effect"are numerous. The medical benifits of Silver Ion Therapy are well documented and supported by the following studies:

• NAMSA, 1996
• US Army Institute, 1996
• Cornell University, 1987
• Pennsylvania State University, 1987


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